Inescapable Happiness , Indonesia

Inescapable Happiness , Indonesia

The True Inescapable Happiness, Indonesia

Inescapable Happiness , Indonesia

What an inescapable happiness I had witnessed while being in Indonesia. There, during the journey, I always wondered, “What comes next?” Simple way of living, but I truly gained inner peace, filled myself with happiness after all. And those memories will inevitably last for long.


All this wonderful journey was starting from Bali, staying there for two days. While arriving, I still had no idea about what to do. So I decided to let things happen naturally… Like a flowing water. Because I wanted to fully enjoy the beauty that only Indonesia has: culture, nature, scenery, and so forth. In gladness. First day in Bali was apparently marvelous. I went to two beaches consecutively: Geger and Ceger Beach as well. They can be reached by taking a scooter. Sun and beach. Everywhere. Rarely did I feel joyfully like this before.

Gaining More Inescapable Happiness

Here I came to explore Bali again on the second day, set the destination to Ubud. Leaving in the morning, I intended to visit some places in there, in which the advice was literally found in several travelling blogs. First was the Monkey Forest, the place for the monkeys’ family in Bali. Also, I already had the well-known rice terrace listed as the next one: Tegalalang Rice Terrace.

Surprisingly, we do not even have to pay to enter it. There lied an especial rice plantation cultivated at the Rice Field by the locals. Luckily, it was not full with tourists as I arrived very early in the morning: 6:30 a.m; but small flaws: dark photos, not to see the (unpleasant) method to produce one grain of rice. So, I suggest anyone else to have a visit in 11 a.m. Besides, we need give a donation for the locals to watch entirely the process. Because they were working so very hard through their harvest to promote Indonesian’s agriculture over the whole world. Putting the charity as the way to help and empower one another. What a really charming experience to be witnessed.


Unfortunately, the rain just poured very hard when the road that led to Ubud was still far away. I had to stop my trip, and took a rest for a little while. Well, not every day can be bright. Then, after Googling, a waterfall in Ubud immediately flowed into my mind. And it was the closest one to me; so I chose to visit it.

400 steps to reach it, but nothing heaved me; and did the Tegenungan Waterfall too. But in Tegenungan, I could not continue having more excitement -for the other waterfall upwards- due to such circumstance of lacking in pocket after having paid just over one dollar (equal with 15 thousand rupiahs); as we don’t have to take another effort of climbing almost 700 steps to go there. Consequently, I only had a few cents to be spared for the gas scooter. However, I finally witnessed an incredible view near those rocks on the waterfall. And here is simply one word to be expressed: PERFECT!

Try Building The Inescapable Happiness

The last was Uluwatu Temple. To enter it costs 30 thousand rupiahs (2 dollars). At 5 p.m, I was looking for the ocean and its raging waves, along with the sunset. I did not want to miss this magnificent opportunity. But people should wear “sarong” instead of pants. If they didn’t have, they would have to buy 30 thousand rupiahs. I wish I could go back here someday. Again, perfection had already been prevailed.

And it was the moment I came into an understanding that the universe still has anything that we have never wondered before, even more to be offered to us. A lesson from the air to never put merely for the conceit yet self-interest. Sight-seeing from the cliff, my purge was magically filled with an enormous energy. The wisdom grew, and grew more in my heart; rather for gratitude: every moment is to be meant for being thankful. That is the real beauty that Indonesia truly has. Inescapable happiness, isn’t it?


Nearing The Nature

The next day was for Nusa Penida. Just by stepping in the shore made you already wander to be longer in there. Nothing to lose after having a one and half hour trip on the boat; especially travelling over the island with the scooter (50 thousand rupiahs / 4 dollars a day). That simply remained a very pleasing emotion.

Firstly, I went for Broken Beach. It gave me a lot of excitement; but a little regret later. the road was the worst one I have ever been through. You should not even have a thought to use either scooter or motorcycle. Better to have a tour booked and the car prepared too for the safety; so did the Billabong Angels and Atuh Beach. They were even worse if it came to the road.


There, I was nearing the nature; notably after arriving in Crystal Bay and Klingking Beach as well. The fee of going to the Klingking Beach is 125 thousand rupiahs and it took an hour from Bali with the boat. Oh my… look at the landscape. It was actually perfect: clean, neat, and refreshing.

And the longest trip lied in Nusa Dua to reach the Pura Ulun Danu temple: more than 250 km. I still laughed remembering how to get there. Yes. I did a trip with the scooter again, an unusual way one. But the one that brought joy the most was NungNung Waterfall. 500 steps to be dealt with, but it didn’t daunt me. Furthermore, I eventually found another refreshing landscape.

God… I had just witnessed a heaven on earth here. By nearing the nature, we will realize that travelling is not just a hobby. More, it is the way to open our mind and heart through the nature’s beauty. It might be hazardous yet fatiguing. But once we overcome all the obstacles, surely, we will find a way to fill ourselves with happiness. Every day. And only happiness does pour our heart till it overflows like an ocean that travels far and wide. It is the same when I was at Bromo Mountain. Once again, inescapable happiness.

Good Bye


The best atmosphere was in the Komodo region. But how? Even I had already visited many places while in Bali (and Nusa Penida too), the surroundings didn’t offer the way to enjoy travelling should be. Thanks to Socio Traveler ( Hadn’t I met with this community, it would have been a boredom during the trip then. Thus led me to another inescapable happiness: seeing the Komodo; looking for the sun (in the rise and sink as well); hiking the mountains; sailing through the sea; and so the latter on. Not to mention I had a beautiful view of three beaches at the same time in Padar Island.

Komodo Island literally provided the epitome of travelling’s spirit: wisdom, nature, and happiness. Three days for inescapable happiness. There is nothing that can outreach the feeling of to fulfill and being filled with happiness. And Indonesia has become the exemplary of that: incredible places, outstanding landscapes, and lovely people too. The true meaning of travelling is not for knowing places, but to live your life for the fullest and happiest one. Last but foremost: Good Bye, Indonesia. Thank you for the inescapable happiness you had already offered to me. No, no good bye, but GOOD LUCK! And more than it: BEST LUCK! See you on another day, for another inescapable happiness.

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What an inescapable happiness I had witnessed. Live your life the fullest and happiest one. It is the meaning of travelling. And Indonesia has become the exemplary of it

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