Komodo : Take A Closer Look

Komodo : Take A Closer Look

Future of Komodo

Komodo : Take A Closer Look

Komodo (Varanus Komodoensis) is a large lizard species which can only be found in several islands in the Indonesian Archipelago. It was worldly known during the First World War. It has already been a “Monitor Lizard” species on isolated island for million years. As the result, the body has experienced a rapidly massive growth. Komodo is not only the largest wizard on this planet-earth, but also the highest rate in term of aggressiveness yet the strongest one. As it can hunt, chase after its preys in which they often have even larger size. But now, its existence is being on extinction due to the loss of their natural habitat as living place, smuggling and decreasing food supply as well.

Talking Giant Komodo

Further, it is a giant reptile that can vastly grow up to length of 3 meters and weight of 150 kg. And the Komodos have enormous strength in body, leg and tail too to be used for hunt and fight. Not only do they carry long yet sharp claw to dig under the ground; their jaw also has unsafe bacteria. But Komodo does apparently have characteristics such as its grayish brown skin covered with little scale and joint around its neck. Besides having good eyesight, it would rather rely on their branchy and lengthy tongue. By sticking out its tongue, the sense drastically increases in flavour (even particles on the air) and distance (till 8 km). Rather, its saliva apparently contains at least 50 kind of poisonous bacterias; being used to come after its prey. The saliva’s production is being carried out by the poison-gland after all.

Komodo has only been in five islands around the whole Indonesia; including Komodo National Park. Here are the islands as following: Komodo Island, Rintja, Gilimontang, Padar and Western Flores Island.

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