Waikuri Lake

Waikuri Lake

Waikuri Lake exceptional presence

Waikuri Lake

We can visit the Waikuri Lake near the Kalenarongo Village, North Kodi District, Southwestern Sumba Region. The lake itself has only the space as broad as a soccer field. Even so, the water is pretty clear, and we can obviously see the lake’s floor.

Not to mention the white sand is there too like what we are always seeing in the beach. It is because Waikuri Lake is located nearby the sea; only separated by reef cliffs. The water has salty flavor, as the seawater does enter the lake through all the cliffs. Later, it will be gathered by every basin in guard of fence.

The seawater comes through the cliffs in which they separate it with the water from the lake. By merging the seawater with freshwater, there will emerge a source of water. So don’t be surprised if you feel a difference from water temperature while throwing yourself into the Waikuri Lake. Warm and cold water will simply merge in several areas on the lake.

So, is there any Importance of Waikuri Lake

Recently, Waikuri Lake has been the leading spot of tourism in Southwestern Sumba. Because rarely do we witness a lake with salty water and beautiful nature that surrounds it. Yet, the lake is not too deep; it suits those who do have swimming as their hobby. More, the atmosphere is very peaceful, far from the crowd. Not to mention the lake’s environment has elegant scenery.

The water’s transparency is surely attracting everybody else to plunge and swim there immediately. Then, try to hike to the reefs around this lake. We will be mesmerized. Standing from the hill of the reef, we can literally see the ocean that travels wide and a green meadow as well. Also, the Waikuri Lake is becoming even bluer (in color) than before.

Being 60 km away from Tambaloka, there will need at least two hours taking the trip to reach Waikuri. But visiting it fits those with highly adventurous soul.

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