Mbawana Beach

Mbawana Beach

Mbawana Beach Crappy Island

Mbawana Beach

This beach had already been on Anugerah Pesona Indonesia (API) 2017’s nominee as ‘Most Popular New Destination’. Mbawana Beach is also well-known as Batu Bolong Beach too. We can find it on the Kodi region, Southwestern Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). The distance is about 59 km from Tambolaka Airport and it will take precisely an hour and 22 minutes.

Entering Mbawana Beach is quite tricky as the road itself has plenty of twists and off-road routes as well. After arriving on the location, every tourist need climb down the steep stairs, and white sand’s surface, blue sea and ocean waves are awaiting you.

The especial angle literally lies on the cliff with the wall around it and notably a half-circle hole in the centre of the cliff. The hole does apparently beautify the beach itself; not to mention tourists might take pictures and also explore the beauty of this beach.

For those who do truly want to chase after the sunset, it simply offers a lovely scenery. And the wave from the ocean is big enough for surfing. Here, any activity shall be fulfilled: swimming, surfing, having leisure time till the dusk comes, and so on.

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